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TWD Thank You


Holy fucking shizzle (I don’t usually swear in my posts and I apologise but I didn’t know how to put it into any other words. This episode was insane. I was completely on the edge of my seat at the whole episode and I was totally not expecting anything like this to happen. After, almost (I promise almost), falling off of my seat – I almost died from emotions (now I don’t wanna sound like some annoying fangirl dying of feels) but, I have to say, this episode really tugged at my heartstrings and made me really care about some new character, while making me really realise just how much I care about one of the characters that we’ve been with for all of this time. Okay, firstly I am going to be talking, a lot, about Glenn. Then I’m going to talk more about, arguably, one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead ever.

Ahh Glenn, good ol’ Glenn. Is he or isn’t he? That, is the question. Okay, so personally, I don’t think that he died in that scene. Not when we see lots of walkers over him pulling guts from a body. I think that this has got to be Nicholas body – because of the fact that Glenn was wearing a blue shirt in this episode. Nicholas was wearing a kind of Khaki grey apparel. When Glenn looks down, we see, what I think, is Nicholas’ body getting ripped apart. At first I thought Glenn was gone for sure, but on second viewings I think he might’ve survived. How he’ll get out of that situation, I have no idea. Post in the comments what your theory is. Okay, but let’s just say that Glenn did die in that scene. Imagine how horrible and heartbreaking  and shocking that would be. It would destroy everyone. Just the way that the scene was shot completely took me by surprise. I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen and it may have killed one of the best characters in The Walking Dead ever.

Okay, so, I do have to talk about the supporting cast of this episode. It was one of the best yet. Every death and injury that they took made you feel for them more and more. And David, wow, what a character for just a one story character. He was amazing and his story throughout the episode was done so well. We were following all of these characters through the episode and every death made you worry more and more. And every single death, apart from the guy at the start and if your a Nicholas hater then his death you wouldn’t care about, was sad and made you more and more worried. I also loved how Heath progressed as a character from the Michonnne speech. That was really nice and now he feels more like one of the survivors, rather than one of the Alexandrians.

And Rick. God Rick. He really has to find a way out of that predicament and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Also, when the wolves attacked him it was insane how he managed to stop them so easily just shows how hardened and awesome he has become. The way that he was in utter despair at the end of the episode was terrifying to see on Rick’s face. And that despair was something that we haven’t seen since the death of Lori. That just terrifies me and I can’t wait to see how he gets out of it.

I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you enjoyed this reaction. Leave your theory on what happened to Glenn and what you think will happen to Rick in the comments.

Thanks for reading 🙂